I want to clean this house out! I want to get everything out, NOW!!! Even though I have been clearing house without documenting on here. Being so tired and hot, I am not able to do as much as I want and it is driving me bonkers!

On a good note, I went swimming today and it felt good. I even did flips in the water. Woot-woot! My big boy is officially swimming as well! Yay!

Also, I saw a video of myself from today. And you know when you notice that you are thicker that what you thought… I had that moment. (Sigh) My mirror at home has been lying to me! Oh well…I will continue to work out, I just need to eat better. Only problem is that I throw up when I eat healthy food. Yeah… If it’s not one thing…

Although, yoga now makes me sick… In fact if I get hot, I get sick. Maybe if I swim every day. Hmmmm. That would be good.

I went grocery shopping today and finally found organic grapes. Right before bed, I asked my big if he would like some… Of course he said “yes”, anything to delay bed time. I count it as special time. Anyway…. Best tasting grapes I have EVER had. Mmmmm-mmmmmm! It was great.

Boys are sleeping with us because we love cuddling with them. Seriously, I am super tired.

I close with this…

Give the person next to you, a hug and a kiss… Or simply say “I love you!”. Unless you don’t know them, that would be awkward, lol. Appreciate who you have there with you.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,



4 thoughts on “Nesting?!?

  1. 3 months ago I had enough time on my hands to clean and discard and move stuff around.
    Moved stuff in the living room and then I discovere blogging. Cleaning and trying to place everything back has become a project Im not ready to deal with. Good luck!

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