I’m Back

We have been busy! We took the boys to out on dates(inspired by my blogging friend Ginger)… I had Frankie first date, daddy had Alex.



Then the next day, we switched!



The day after that, we went to the cabin for four days for daddy’s birthday!


There he is on his birthday present, which he beamed in. Apparently, I’m the best wife ever! I can totally live with that.

We are home now where I found two bags of quenepas on my doorstep from my sister.


It is a fruit from Puerto Rico… So delish! We can only get it in the fall, and since I can’t go to the west side due to the neighborhood, I go years without tasting this yummy treat. That is what’s left, because I am eating them by tonight. Yummm!

That is my update, my friends…

Have a great day, sweet dreams and lots of love,



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