Get Rid of it!!! Day 151

Saying that I’m tired is an understatement. I got up this morning and have been working on the room till literally 10 minutes ago. Problem is… I am not really sleepy, just my body is worn.

I have cleaned walls, scrubbed floors, painted ceilings, folded clothes, gotten rid of so much crap out of one tiny space that I am just wondering… “Is there a black hole in my house?” And…”it’s going to take me 6 months to do the whole house! ” Oy!


This here photo is a bag with 20 coloring books… Out of 49!!! At that point I had 40… But 20 of them, I decided to divide between the cousins at the cabin and the cottage. Also, I wanted to drop some off at Grandma’s house. The bag on the right is full of toys that I am going to donate.


Along with this box of toys.

I disassembled the train table, the toy kitchen and gathered all of its pieces to be put away at the cottage.

I scrubbed the walls, the floors, got rid of the dust bunnies, painted the ceiling in the closet and since Mike fixed the roof, I painted the water stains. Two days of working in this room, I think I have one more full day and I’ll be done (hopefully).

I moved the dresser from the closet to the room only to find out that every drawer was full… So I emptied all of them out, put all of the craft stuff away, found 9 more coloring books making it 49 of them and I put them in the good-bye pile.

All of that effort and this is one third of the room.


I went through every bin on those shelves and organized them, I have a ton more books, but I’m trying to stage my house to sell it… So i am trying to pretend I am interior decorator and make this ninja turtle room be magazine worthy, lol. I wish my camera would have captured more. Oh well.

I have to give the honorable mention to the man of the house who put all of the woodwork up in one room.👏Also, my wonderful boys who just played all day and gave helping hands.

Tomorrow, if we stay home… I will finish the walls next to the bed and paint the rest of the ceiling. Also, I will sand and stain the windows and maybe the door. Who knows? I’m tired now.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,



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