The day before yesterday, I overdid it. I worked so hard and it felt so good to get so much done!

But yesterday, I was so tired that I had to take a nap… Two hours. I have such good boys. My little guy slept with me while my big guy quietly played with his toys, but even after I got up, I was still tired.

Then I couldn’t move without vomiting. Then the headache, and my peanut sized bladder. Lol ahhh, the joys of pregnancy.

But in spite of the physical misery, I still feel good inside because I am so blessed with such a wonderful husband and children. My little guys are just the sweetest and attentive. Help me with whatever I need. When they see I don’t feel good, they ask me if I need anything and if I need a nap, they play next to me quietly so I can sleep. Seriously, coming where I come from,  I never thought I would ever have a family, even less one that is so loving, silly, and kind.

I am so grateful to God. I am so grateful for them.

Until Next Time,
Have a Great Day, Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,



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