When to Stop…

I have been really tired and with the long lists of things to be done and the fact that I want to be out of this house by Halloween, I have been psychotic about getting stuff out! But not just getting stuff out, I have been going through every single thing and asking… “Do I need this?” “Do I use this?” And if I don’t…it is gone!

I have a accomplished a lot, but inner critic says “you’re nowhere near done… You can do more.” I just have to learn to just listen to my body instead… Or my blogging friend who said “take a break”, because she is fresh off of pregnancy and knows what I am going through. Oooooh how I thank thee, my friend.

I listened and didn’t do much of anything yesterday. We got up, watched the 1966 Batman and Robin movie. Went to Olive Garden for endless soup and salad, then took the boys to the bookstore to let the boys play with the Legos while I sat and drank hot chocolate. We then went home, I took a nap… Babe then fixed the chimney. I loaded the truck and we went off to the cottage.

We got up this morning, made pizza gyoza (deep fried pizza wontons).


Babe is taking a nap, I sitting here watching the kids play as I write this post.


Then when he wakes up, I’m going to take a nap. We are going to unload the truck, take a walk down the beach. Eat All American Burgers, and see what goes on from there.

That’s it for now… I will keep you updated!

Have a Great Day, Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,



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