Bye Bye Walmart!!!

Today, the grandparents took the boys to the cottage for a fun day. Instead of working on the house I decided to go buy the kids some clothes. Trying to save money I went to Walmart.

On my way in, the cart man recognized me from a previous visit and said the most cheerful hello (my kind of person), I happily said “hi”. When I walked in, the Gentleman greeter and I greeted each other and I went on to shopping. It was funny… thinking about it, it was almost as if my visit could turn into a musical at any minute. I bought some clothes for the boys, things to clean the house.

I figured I’d get a vacuum since my 15$ one I bought for the van is not strong enough to do the area rugs. After trying to figure out the prices of the Hoovers, a friendly worker kindly price checked one for me and put the Hoover in my cart. I checked out, ate at the Subway, talked to the greeter on my way out and left. Best Walmart experience I’ve ever had.

After I got home I opened the HOOVER box which was very easy to open (it was nicely taped at the ends). I plugged it in and it sounded awful. I look at it, it was dirty and beat up. It literally took me a couple of minutes to realize that I was holding a Dirt Devil. So I went to the box and it said HOOVER! That’s when I realized that someone had returned this box and had put their old vacuum in it!!! And that these people never checked it.


The handle comes off...

I called my husband and asked him to come with me to return it. We get to customer service, they take the receipt. After half hour waiting, we get told… “We’re going to return your money back, but from now on you need to open everything you buy before you leave the store.” It took me a minute to realize what she meant (baby brain), but my husband repeated what she said and asked “who would ever think that that this would happen?” We took our money and decided to not go there again!!! Really, I could have blown up in anger at her accusation, but thinking about it… I didn’t want to waste any of my time stoopping down into their level.

It was not my fault that their workers were incompetent, took a return, put it back on the sales floor without checking it!!! And the nerve they have to tell us that we have to open our items before we leave the store. I have driven back to places when I have accidentally taken a pen I signed with! I would never steal!!! The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

I went on the websites Facebook page and wrote:


I am truly disgusted by the whole situation! I am angry, disappointed, and every other ugly word that can be used. But then again I am angry at myself for not going to Target like I should have. You pay less at Walmart for a reason, I learned my lesson.

Bye-bye Walmart!!!


9 thoughts on “Bye Bye Walmart!!!

  1. That’s horrible! I can’t believe they didn’t check it better. I get that the color is red and it’s similar, but seriously?! I’d be infuriated, too. 😦 Sorry, Jahaira. That couldn’t have been pleasant.


  2. I work at a walmart. we once had a customer return an xbox. no one checked the box when it was returned and it was just placed back on the shelf. It was then purchased by someone else. when they got it home and opened it there was a piece of wood inside. Its terrible that people do these kinds of things. I’m sorry that the workers at your Walmart treated you so poorly.


  3. Wow, how awful! I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart for other reasons, but this doesn’t surprise me from a company who severely underpays their employees and just generally stinks. Hope you find a department store that doesn’t accuse you of being a dumb shopper!


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