Cravings & Get Rid of it!!! Day 161-163

I had a craving for a specific kind of chocolate chip cookie. When I was little, my mom and I used to play tea party. She used to put Pepsi on the tea kettle and chocolate chip cookies on the little plates. For some reason that memory came up and I had to have the cookies.

I called Mami, because I went to the store and couldn’t find them. So today, she sent me a text message in the morning to open my door. Hanging was a bag full of my cookies! She had my sister bring them for me! So awesome!

After stuffing my face, I got to work!


All of this stuff is heading out. Most is storage, some donation and one bag of garbage. The box of actually empty. I was just looking at it thinking, “I don’t remember putting anything in the box.” Yes, welcome to my brain.

My brain is over thinking about a million things. The bills, soccer, boys gym class, their curriculum, cleaning up, moving out, fixing house. I need to make another list. I like crossing things off. Vision issues, g2go.


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