Wiping Clean

I cleaned walls today, cabinets, shelves…I didn’t want to think much. Putting things away takes too much brain power from me. So I did mindless work… Except, I fixed the broken downstairs toilet.

I also did pull some weeds and did some laundry, hung some frames and cleaned all of the windows. It explains why I am so tired right now. I am really happy of the progress I have made even though I am nowhere near done!

We have our Realtor coming Saturday. I’m nervous about what she has to say when it comes to the house. I have so much to clean… Ahhhhh!

When Babe got home, he loved what I did with the house… He says he might not want to move after all. Ha, ha! I can’t wait to get the other stuff out so I can take photos and share it with you guys!

We ended the night going to Dinosaur BBQ, the brisket was too fatty for me, but I couldn’t get enough of the mashed potatoes…. So yummmmmm!

So now babe is Puting the boys to sleep with a story while I put you to sleep with mine. Ha!


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