Sheesh, I zonked out two nights in a row. I have a cold that makes me more tired than what I already am😴.

Wednesday, I slumped all day in a daze, congestion, headache, and the usual pregnant sluggishness. Bleh… I let the boys watch Harry Potter and then off to play outside.

After getting a burst of energy, I started cleaning our basement and doing lots of laundry. Why do the boys have so many t-shirts? And where are all my socks? And my sneakers as a matter of fact, are also missing. But anyway, what I thought was encrusted paint in our basement sink, was only years of dirt that was solidified. Super disgusting and it only took me 7 years to figure out.. Not that I used it, but gross. Now it’s like new.

Yesterday, the boys and I had a dance party. I put music they liked and danced. I feel like my kids are too serious and I know it’s my fault for always trying to teach them lessons. But I am trying to let lose, show them to be silly and fun also. How sad is that? (Sigh) I’m trying to get parenting right.

We then learned to draw Harry Potter. Which was fun… Then I let the kids outside while I did…. I don’t know what because I don’t remember… Laundry and other stuff… Really, I can’t remember.

The Babe got home, he took a nap. Made a mess with my laundry which made me want to kill him. We went to the bookstore, I got really sick. We went home. Ate chicken soup and zonked out.

That pretty sums it… Oooooh, I had 11 vials of blood drawn the other day and I got the results. I’m not eating enough, well keeping enough food in my stomach and I have hyperthyroidism, so I have to make an appointment. Yay, those are always Fun.

Anyway, I am not sure what today will hold, besides going to the zoo and dinner at the in-laws. But I would like to get something house related done. It is getting hard not to give up, but not much has been getting done no matter how hard I’m trying, how are we going to get out of this house?

Today, is September 11, anniversary of the attack of our country. I wish I could say our country is better, but it is rotting from the inside. The hatred, the Bullshit race card that instead of bringing us together, is pulling us apart. People don’t realize that until we can all say that All Lives Matter, we will be divided. Because yes racism lives, but it is in no way a one way street like they post in the news. And statistically more white people die at the hand of police than others. 93% of colored people are murdered by other colored people. Just like 84% of murdered white people are murdered by white! It doesn’t make it right, but it shows that not every circumstance is a race thing. And instead of fighting each other, we should be uniting, taking care of each other and brining our country up. They who shall not be named(so called terrorists) will go down. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS OUR WORLD.

Lots of Love,


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