Painting Madness

After I got off WordPress Tuesday, my Little Guys started to scream from his belly ache, which he never screams, so we took him the pediatrician. It was just gas.

I finished glazing the windows and put them to the side…then I cleaned out the cabinet by the bathroom (again) and left the bare necessities and packed the rest. Why do things take hours to do? I wish I could have just dumped everything in the trash because none of it could be donated. So now, we are lugging it to wherever we land next.

Babe painted the floor in the back porch and it looks nice.
Wednesday, I was in frantic state! I did the boys’ lesson and fed them. I wanted things done, so I painted the windows and I went into the bathroom and was painting the grout in the bathroom. It looks very nice, but I need to do more!!! So I’ll have to go to Home Depot for more Grout Pens. While, I did that, the boys made cards for Grace and Aunt Re. Then, I packed the boys for gymnastics, drove to Barnes & Noble to pick up a gift card for our Aunt Re. Went to Gymnastics where the boys were so funny and looked as darling as all of the other beginners. While my Big Guy was in class, I went to the bathroom and got dressed for Aunt Re’s Birthday party and then watched my Biggie finish his class.

We drove home and talked about how fun class was and how we are going to do it again. We got home, where a delicious Pizza with extra cheese was waiting for the boys. Of course, I had to eat a slice. Babe and I went and made on time for the surprise party at Rue Franklyn (fancy French Restaurant). It was very strange being there. Last Time I was there it was when I worked 7 1/2 years ago. I hated the owner so I though I would never come back! It is now owned by a friend of mine, but it was still strange.

I got to eat my heart out and had a great time with the bartender. They had all of this yummy stuff, that I am surprised I even touched. Escargot, foie gras, short bread, cheese puffs, stinky feet cheeses, and all of these desserts that made my mouth water. Alas, it was time to head home. I can’t forget to mention how I had fun!

After saying good bye and realizing that those danm pesky butter dishes I used to have to stuff, no longer bothered me anymore. I figured that for good old memory sake. I’d go into the kitchen and say hi to my friend (he used to be dessert man) in my loud cheery voice “Hiiiiiiiii CORY!!!!!!” Not sure of the seriousness of the situation, it was very nice to see that I can still put a smile on my serious friend, who at first, I thought hated my guts when we first me, lol. I caught up with the Big Boss Man and ended the night. Being greeted by my little loves and having a couple good laughs with my sweet cousin Grace. That’s all for now my friends.

Have a Beautiful Day,



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