Color Me White

Here I am writing another post. Two in one day…somebody stop me, I’ve gone rogue. 😜 Really, I’m just going bonkers here and need an outlet. When I got up, I gave the boys cereal… I really am not cooking much here and besides when it’s hot, who wants to eat hot stuff?

My Papa in-law called because he needed help mowing the lawn after he took a spill and bruised a bone in his hand last weekend. So we went over.

Grandma made is zucchini, which I am not a veggie person so it was hard to swallow. We then went to Home Depot where I got white paint for the bathroom and another grout pen. I will scratch the bathroom off my list if it’s the last thing I do.

Babe went to work for training for Emergency Response Team, in which he’ll get trained for disasters and emergencies by FEMA. Not sure I’m too thrilled about it, but it’s his decision. And plus, he’ll tell me all about his training and then I’ll be prepared for an emergency, such a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion… Lol.

I did the boys lessons, painted two windows frames, two doorways, the whole bathroom, and finished the grout. All in white, I may even paint the hallway white, just to use up the paint I just bought. Two things off the list. Yucky part is, the more I finish, the more I add to the list, sigh.

My sister came over and the kids played like maniacs. I cleaned the back yard a bit. They left, I fried some chicken sausages with chocolate milk. Ate dinner, gave the kids a tubby. While they were in there I put a load of laundry in the washer, another in the drier and cleaned the paint covered basement sink. The one I had already cleaned, but my sweet Babe dirtied and was putting off for later(really worth a kick in the you know where). But knowing that I am hormonal, I don’t want to end up sobbing in crazy anger over the sink that took forever for me to clean.

Yeah, I still want to strangle him over it, but… I’m just going to give him the warning, lol. I put the kids to bed with their story and here I am writing again. Seriously people, I am getting manic over getting this house done. I get these crazy energy bursts that only seem to work on things that are driving me crazy and I must finish. I am so tired now that there will be probably some drooling when I pass out,😴. I even told the boys to go to daddy if they have to go potty in the middle of the night.

Okay, Nighty-Night!


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