I Dream of Painting

As soon as I got up Thursday, I put the last layer of paint on the two windows and scraped the excess off the glass. Here is one…


It looks brand new from afar, but up close, not so good. But at least the darn thing is sealed and painted. I finally am able to cross something off the list.

But I did not stop there, I painted the bathroom window, mirror, laundry chute and Babe painted the door after he busted me and kicked me out of the bathroom. Lol.


It used to be off white and it looks so much better. After the finishing touches, Babe bursts my big bubble by telling me that I painted with sealant and so the bathroom needs another coat of paint. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Since he kicked me out of the bathroom, I went outside and cleaned the pool.


Look at how messy my back yard is! And guess what needs to be painted? The garage!!!

After what I felt was a successful day, we went to the Christmas Tree Shop and bought a rug. Then to Trader Joe’s to get this momma some milk.

The boys were put to bed and I stayed up watching Rome with Babe. Can’t say we payed much attention to the show…regardless, it was a great night.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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