Get Rid of it!!! Day 164-180

Oooooh my goodness, I have totally neglected to post on my Get Rid of it!!! For 16 days (hangs head in shame).

All of this fixing the house thing has taken over my brain like an alien from outer space. But as manic as I have been over fixing the house, I have also been donating as if my life depends on it.

We took a truck load of clothes, linens, purses. And remember this couch?


It is now gone!!! When I cleaned the basement, I decided that all of the kitchen appliances that I haven’t used are also goners like my George Foreman grill, a coffee maker I wish I never bought, food processor (because I have three), 2 rice pots, an old pots and pans set that I saved after I replaced it. Let’s see… An apple peeler and corer, and who knows what else that I have forgotten to list.

But I will try to be better with this…


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