Try Again

I went to Zumba Sunday morning. The boys stayed with Daddy since the Kids Klub is closed on Sundays. It was crazy cold in the room, everyone is wearing sweaters and usually, I do too, but I am glad it was cold. I wore a tank top and realized that I don’t look as big as I thought I did. The difference a shirt can make, huh?

I was super excited because this was Jess’s class and even though the other instructots are okay, their classes feel more like aerobics. Jess’ classes are more intense, and just sexy. I feel as if I am in a dance team during her classes.

The music started and it literally felt like a wave of calm came over me. There was a couple of new songs and some I almost forgot, but it felt like home.

In part, the reason I feel like this is because living in Puerto Rico when I was younger, we danced for everything! Even kids party there was music always on and people dancing. We have such a rich culture. It is just….beautiful and fulfilling.

Moving away from my family, not having Puerto Rican friends and marrying an all American Man. The only culture, they seem to have is fourth of July and Spaghetti dinners. But even their parties are SO beyond boring to me… Seriously, why aren’t people dancing? Who wants to sit around and eat, drink and wait for the excitement….TALK.  So the Latin music and being able to dance is an escape from the blandness of my life…lol I need to figure out how to fix that for my kid’s sake…they need some flavor….lol.

So, I dance a little harder because of the chilly room…enough to make me hug my instructor after class…lol I was one happy clam.

We then went to church with Papa and then, to his house and watched the football game. Seriously, the Bills are such a loser team, I can’t even purchase my kids Bills shirts on clearance. They just lose all of the time. But I had a good time talking laying on the couch. (I am a Giants Fan!)

We went home, I put up the toilet paper holder, glued the floor. Scraped some glue that was around the tub and walls from previous attempts of fixing them.
Babe, covered the radiator and we called it a night after the boys did their reading.

That was my day..I hope you have a great one today….



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