Monday Fog

I woke up yesterday determined to  finish something else in the house. I painted the trim where babe covered the radiator, then went to put the bathroom sink together when all of a sudden, it dismantled and all of this sludge sputtered everywhere. It smelled so bad.


While I tried cleaning I leaned right on the wet paint and had to repaint it all over…only this time around, I manage to splatter paint all over! I decided that I needed to stop and not do anything house related because my haziness is going to ruin the house.

Babe came and told me that the sludge is toxic that I shouldn’t be breathing it and kicked me out. Lol. And then while he put the sink back on, a piece broke so he was done too!

When my brain feels foggy, I get into this yucky mood. I figured…well I’ll grab the piece and get a new one. I can’t mess that up. Only that when I get to the hardware store, I can’t find the piece anywhere.

Babe ends up meeting me there and we decide to just go through the aisles and do mindless walking.

We then went out to eat at Five Guys, then I went home (where I found the sink piece on the ground) and sat down to do nothing for the rest of the day. Except, I cleaned the house before bed.

And that was the end of my day… I hope your day was better than mine! How was your Monday!



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