Really, my brain is lagging..I can’t think what to write about. We went to WWE Monday Night Raw last night and we had a blast!



So exciting! We ate popcorn and the boys got their own WWE championship belt.


I know it’s blurry, but I love it! He’s really into it now. We love John Cena… The boys really like him so I do too! Too bad The Usos were not there. But really, I’m a fan of the older guys. Stone Cold, The Rock, Undertaker, Big Show, D-Generation-X, Val Venus… I can keep going.

Speaking about the Big Show, people are so rude! Yelling things like “Retire”! That is cruel! That man could crush anyone in the audience with his pinky toe nail. He’s awesome and people should be more mindful of what they say, even for entertaining purposes. You can tell that those comments hurt him. But I guess that comes with the job.

I have to say, I love Randy Orton! I love his face! And he’s a great athlete! I think it was my favorite match even if it was short. Regardless, the whole experience was so fun!

After we got home from work, I was done! I figured the boys would be too, it was midnight… But no, they had to have a full on match for the WWE championship title before bed. I would have recorded it, but I went to bed.

Then, this morning guess what the boys had for breakfast… More championship matches! What was funny about this one was that Babe pretended to hit my big guy while slamming his own thigh for effect… And then big guy just whacks his daddy right on the back… Really hard… Lol. While I am laughing hysterically, he is explaining how you don’t actually hurt the other person.

We then went on with our day…

The boys started gym/swim and soccer. Which was all fun! Such lovely people. And now I am trying to not have heartburn. Oooooh yeah, I started getting it three days ago.

Sweet people, sorry about my choppy brain… I have to go to sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,


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