Too Serious

The boys went to spend the day with the grandparents. Not knowing what to do with myself, I went to Coffee Culture and ordered a turkey sandwich and a cappuccino. I literally sat there thinking “what should I do now?”

I figured I’d buy myself slippers since I got rid of all of my beat up old ones…


I usually buy $20 ones, but they don’t last me very long, so I went big and bought Uggs…crap… It just dawned on me that these may not be synthetic. I don’t like buying anything made with animals… Sigh…anyway, I bought them because my feet are always freezing and I hate winter, so I needed something sturdy and warm.

I then went to Toys R Us.. To buy baby’s first outfit, but the price put me off I don’t think $40 should be spent on a onesie. I bought him bandana bibs… So cute and pacifiers… Idk why, my kids never used them. But then I decided to buy my boys Baymax lunch boxes, with Minion soup thermos.

Home I went to meet Babe…I swept leaves while he was on the phone, then I sewed a bag and tidied the laundry while he played his game. We watched 2 episodes of Grimm, he went to bed and I worked on some more laundry.

Now, I am taking a break… The boys decided they wanted to spend the night and so far.. They feel asleep… I feel so weird without them here, I deeply dislike it, but their grandparents should get to enjoy them too… I could cry though.

While folding laundry, I kept thinking how stern we are with our boys. How we are always busy doing something. How we never have enough time to have some fun. How there’s always too much to do… How something is always more important… And how all of it needs to stop…I need to relax, take a deep breath and just have fun… Even with the chores… Make them fun and make them a time to bond and to listen to the boys. Time is passing us by and one day, my boys won’t want my attention anymore. I don’t want to regret anything. I don’t want to miss out.

I want to create memories… I need to make them my priority because they are more valuable to me than anything else. I love my sons with all of my heart and I need to show them more. I need to see them smile more…


11 thoughts on “Too Serious

  1. Do you have a Carters near you? Babies R us is really expensive.. Try Macy’s or Target too! Uggs are the best.. I have 4 pairs of slipper shoes and wear them religiously lol
    On another note keeping the kids busy is great but you do need down time too for them and you. It gives them hobbies for when they get older and can get into trouble but it should be about play not all work 🙂


  2. Love the slippers!! I need to buy a new pair too, while I’m at it, I might pick up a Baymax lunch box for myself, LOL…LOVE Baymax!!

    I used to feel the same way as you, just focusing on what needed to get done. All it takes are little things, a high five or a fist pump after a job well done. Boys are easy, give them food and they’re happy. (maybe it’s just my boys, lol). I know a special snack, or their favorite meal goes a long way 🙂


    • Thank you! I love Baymax myself… He’s just so squishy… My little guy calls me Honey Lemon, my Big Guy calls me Gogo…lol these boys are picky right now, but we will figure it out. They are very easy boys, but I think I expect too much from them. They are so patient… And for the most part, they are very independent, but when they go crazy… I’m the one who needs to be patient, breakout of the mode and involve them. I can’t wait until they eat like your boys!😄

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