The boys spent the night at Grandma’s, I went to Zumba in the morning. I drove right over and she made me breakfast. She always cooks for me. I love her. Papa does too… She had pancakes made for me and made me scrambled eggs too. They really take care of us!

They have been taking care of a puppy named Butchie… He had surgery in his mouth and has to be held, pretty much all day so that he doesn’t hurt himself. While I was there he had an episode and his tongue turned blue. It dawned on me that he may be having seizures.

So I searched it and let the in-laws know about it.. We’ll see what the vet says… They have taken care of this dog for three weeks so that he’s not put down. But they may not have any choice… Unless they take his nails out so he doesn’t hurt himself. We just don’t know what is best for him. He’s such a sweet dog.

The boys and I went home and loved their Baymax lunchbox and Minion thermos’. My big guy just grabs my face and thanks me as of I just bought him lifetime tickets to Disney World.

When Daddy got home, we decided to go to the mall… Just give it a try since it was cold and rainy. My thought was that we’d buy them cookies and try to find something fun. But then we got there and saw that they added a Dave and Busters (dinner and arcade).

When we got there, there was a long line… Apparently, there was a fire alarm, but when we got in… They gave us $30 worth of gaming for the inconvenience. BONUS!!! We got on the motorcycles and raced against each other, blasted Megatron as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and played our hearts out until we got hungry.

We ordered food and enjoyed every bite… No left overs. Then we went and played some more! It was so fun. Babe ended up winning 1000 tickets at our favorite fishing game!

We let the boys cash the tickets and we called it a night. After such a fun evening, we got home, did a reading lesson… And I read the boys two stories! My Big Guy was so happy! He said, “Mommy, thank you for such a wonderful day!” How I love my baby! He went right to sleep.

No housework today… Mostly fun! We all needed it… And it was beautiful and of course, I have no proof of it because both of our phones were out of commission, but to me it’s enough to see the smiles on my boys faces.

I couldn’t have had a better day…

Sweet Dreams, I’m super sleepy…
Lots of Love,


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