Busy Bee

Another night where I chose sleep over blogging. I woke up after a long night of the boys waking  up for whatever reasons and I got  the boys dressed. We  got in the van and off to Carruba to find out what was the damage of my sweet, sweet van.

$6000!!! And some other damage discovered that apparently happened at home! The kids next door are always playing baseball and outgoing our cars… There are rents and scratches everywhere…. What do we do?

I got a rental…I had a choice between a Nissan and a pick up truck…I drove away in the car… Instantly, I felt little and missed my van. All of the big cars around me…I felt miniscule.

We went to McDonald’s for breakfast, the boys were miserable. My little guy has been peeing on his pants every time he goes to the bathroom. He waits to the last minute. I guess I need to start just making them go. By the time we left, I was in a gross mood. So we went to the zoo!



I figured, a little fresh air will do us good and I can work on a neat school pic on big guy.

We then went to Target where I got my sis in law a Bday present, went home to frost the cake, then left for gymnastics. The instructor got upset with my big guy for not getting the parallel bars right. Being his third class… I didn’t see any of the kids getting it right. The other boys… This was their 9th class. So I don’t know. I’ll let him do his job.

We went straight to Aunt Erin’s house for her birthday party. Where everyone went in the hit tub while I stuffed my face.

By the time I got home, it was 8pm and I was in a coma. I put the boys to bed and I passed out. That’s it… Lights out.

Have a beautiful day, lots of love,


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