Okay, so my initial objective for my blog was to be positive, but as you may have seen… Lately, I have been having yucky, bad days… Yesterday, 3/4 of my day was bad, I even took a time out and left the house for a couple of hours, but when I came home, Babe had made Sheppard’s and Apple pies for dinner, and so the house smelled wonderful and the day ended nice.

Today, I woke up a little under the weather…my body felt heavy, but I forced myself to be in good spirits because no one else can do it for you, right?

One of my friends listed their home for sale a couple of blocks from ours last Sunday and sold it by Monday. “THAT COULD BE US!!!” I thought, so I told babe, we just have to sell. So, we got on a positive note and got re-approved. We knew we wouldn’t have any issues with that, we packed up some stuff and brought it to the cottage.

We went to our in-laws for chicken soup and then to Home Depot. We bought a door for the bedroom downstairs, molding for the dining room, a plant, a light for the street lamp and last but not least…


Christmas stockings that the boys saw and just had to have. Now my big guy had chosen his when he was 1, which was a penguin. My little guy never found one he liked, no matter how many we looked at. But today, at 3 1/2, he finally found it. That doggy sings Christmas carols while flipping his jingle belled adorned ears. My big guy had to have a singing ear wiggling Mickey Mouse, I couldn’t say no.

So… Down Home Depot we went with continuous chaos following us, but two very happy boys…. Can’t complain.

We went home. Babe and I started to rearrange our room, to turn it back to a bedroom from a living room. Then we each grabbed one of the boys and cuddled with them on the couch until they fell asleep in our arms. It won’t be long until they will be too big (hope not).

We put them into bed… Now I’m comatose and Babe is I don’t know where. So please forgive my typos, for my eye sight is blurry and I’m trying to not fall asleep.

But let me wish you a good night with sweet dreams and a wonderful day, full of sunshine and love.



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