Sleepy Morrow…

We went to gymnastics yesterday, but the rest of the day, we spent fixing the house!


Our new street lamp! I didn’t take a photo of the old one… But it was beat up and old. When we had the electric updated 6 years ago, they had disconnected it which was very upsetting to me. Especially during the winter when it gets dark by 4pm. I love my lights. So it’s one of those jobs that never got done…so I bought a Solar Lamp…yes, I know, I’m a genius!😁

Babe sanded the windows in the dining room, they look good, he then moved to the mantel… In the meanwhile, I cleaned the floor in the old TV room which is now back to a bedroom.

Vacuumed the rug and then noticed that Sex and the City was on Amazon Prime… Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,  stayed up until 4 am watching it…I had successfully drank a cup of coffee in the morning and so I am now awake for the rest of my life…😜.
So that’s all folks, have a great day,


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