Thursday, we went to the library and the boys made wreaths.



I helped my little guy, hence leaf overload because we put a leaf on every spot he put glue on, but I love them!!! I hung the wreathes both on my entrance doors! Sooo pretty, we then went to lunch at McDonald’s. I have been having cravings for egg Mcmuffins, which lucky for me, they serve breakfast all day.

I got a call that I can that I can pick up the van. Babe met me there, but had to leave. He asked me to tell them about the rubber inside the hood, that was not fixed. Now, I have common sense, which really pissed me off when the guy told me that the damage was already there and that the rubber had rotted.. I called Babe and he was angry because our car has no rust, it’s only 3 years old. So, he called and they quickly came back out and said they are going to fix it!

Alas, they will call me when they have the part and I will take it in then.

We went to Home Depot, bought a couple of things and had chicken sausage for dinner.

Friday, I called Verizon, and even though, I emailed them my bank statement and their payment confirmation, they made me go through every detail again, because they said they do not have any proof of payment. They also alerted me that they have to call me back  on Tuesday with instructions with a phone number where they want me to fax the information.  Right, like I’m dragging my pregnant butt to go fax anything with my two kids…

I took the boys to the museum  and made some friends. Came home, made rice, beans and chicken! My big guy showed daddy his reading skills, which impressed daddy, so my big guy did 4 lessons in a row, he’s so proud of himself. We enjoyed dinner and quiet time and to bed we went!

Today, we are taking it easy… Minus the birthday party we have at 6:30pm… That is all for today!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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