Blank Space

Oh boy, it has been four days since my last post. I’ve had lots to say, but I blank out when I sit in front of my blank WordPress page. For starters, here are my boys 2015 school photos…


I used his finger to write his name and year and his favorite colors are green and blue.


My big guy wrote his own name and his favorite colors are red and blue. Because I used my phone and not my D3100, I have some blur, but I’m not upset about it. It’s a learning experience, plus I did these myself so they are FREE. Another thing I love about these photos is that these are genuine happy faces, the boys were having fun. So the photos also spark memories.

Saturday, the boys and I stayed in. I needed a break. But my big guy and I made cards, he made two for his cousin… One inviting her over on a play date, the other one wishing her to feel better since she has pneumonia. I made one for his other cousin, who’s birthday party we went to later on. It was fun… Our cousin home schools her kids and she gave me a load of information. I truly enjoy her company.

Sunday, the boys went off to their grandparents to spend the night even though my little guy was not feeling well. He insisted on going, so we couldn’t say no. I went and started Christmas shopping in which at Target when you spend $100, you save $25. Plus, having their card saves you and extra 5%. Awesome!!! Babe went to the Bills game with his cousins in which of course they lost (again). But they had fun and that’s all that matters.

When Babe got home he took a nap and I searched the net to order more things from online. We then watched the second half of The Walking Dead Season 5 and 2 episodes of American Horror Story… Which we did not enjoy, so we are going to skip the freak show.

Monday morning… No kids around, we stayed in bed till 11… Got a call from the in-laws that they were going to drop the boys off because, my sis in-law was having a breakdown due to her daughter being sick and her husband working all week and she doesn’t know how she’s going to handle it. And she believes that it’s going to be that hard when he leaves for 6 months for training. (That was a mouthful.)

Anyway, we got another call back that they wanted to play with the boys. So Babe and I went to the bookstore, then grocery shopping. We got home and Papa came with the boys with a box of doughnuts. Babe made soup and brought it over to his Sis. And Papa hung out with us.


Here he is trying to take a nap and my Coley-Cole giving him some loving.


Here are my my boys napping on me. As soon as little guy got home, he just wanted to cuddle.

Grandma came over, to have dinner with us and watch The Alamo. They went him home because they weren’t feeling so well.

Tuesday, boys stayed home from swim and soccer because they were sick and we layed low. We went to the chiropractor and back home where we had steak salad for dinner and watched The Last Airbender.

Wednesday, it was the boys turn to go to the chiropractor. They truly love that place. They automatically feel better. I got great info on midwives. I love everyone there, they are truly more like family than doctors.

We went to eat and then to the Christmas Tree Shop. When we got home, I cleaned the back yard and driveway. Babe finished the lighting in the back porch.

After daddy and little guy fell asleep, big guy and I snuck downstairs to drink some chocolate milk, build a puzzle, drew flowers and trucks and had a picnic. It was fun! Before we went back to bed, we left love messages on the bathroom mirror so daddy could see them when he got up for work.

That was my past 4 days… I’m tired… But before I forget…. Funny thing. My big guy… When he reads the word duck, he says dick… And I cannot contain myself… He doesn’t get it, but it doesn’t stop it from being hilarious to me. Here is what he read today.


Okay…I may still lack maturity… But hey, you have to laugh sometimes.

Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,


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