Pregnancy is More than Carrying a Baby

Instead of the Glucose Test, I chose to keep track of my own blood sugar. That way, I can keep track of my own diet, exersize and blood sugar. I have trust issues because I have had some doctors tell me idiotic things that made me realized that doctors are only human and can be dumber than dirt. Also, unprofessional and mean.


Also, I find that keeping track of my diet stops me from putting food in my mouth.

Yesterday, after a day of shopping, I came home and I was swollen from the waist down. I felt like a sausage ready to burst. I might have had too much salt.

2 sunny side up eggs
1/2 strawberry pop tart
16oz lemon water


Slice Cheese Pizza
2c water

Fried Green plantains
3oz Sirloin

Gouda cheese
Dark chocolate chips

1437 calories… I burned 1768.

I did a mini Zumba Wii workout…


9 thoughts on “Pregnancy is More than Carrying a Baby

  1. It is smart that you are keeping track of your own stuff! I had an experience with doctors with my blood sugar. I kept getting extremely dizzy and would get super bad headaches. The doctor REFUSED to do a blood glucose test so I decided to do them on my own. My blood sugar was hitting the prediabetes numbers and dropping to hypoglycemic numbers. I soon noticed that this only happens before I get sick. Now I always keep track by myself 🙂

    Best of luck!!


    • Thank you, at the end of the day, no one cares for us like we care for ourselves. Doctors don’t like to be wrong. My friend, he told his doc that his family has a history of colon cancer and that he has the symptoms, the doc refused a colonoscopy, by the time they did it, he was stage 4…he died 2 years ago.😩 leaving two daughters alone…I have tons of stories besides my own experiences. We sometimes need to go with our own gut. Good luck to you as well.☺

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      • I definitely believe in your body’s instinct for things. Being in sports all through high school, I had to follow my instincts to know that something is wrong. There are various stories that I can tell and there are also various stories of babysitting and having to care for children. I am in school to be a pediatrician and I just hope that people aren’t afraid to tell me their instincts over a situation because I would love to perform tests if they truly believe there is something wrong. Best of luck to you!!


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