My Big Guy has been wanting to go to his grandparents house for the past two weeks. Because they watch their granddaughters and go on outings with them and are taking care of a sickly dog who belong to a sister… They have been too tired to spend time with the boys.

Wednesday, we got the chance to lock them in to go on a date with the grandparents for Friday. In fact, on Thursday while with my SIL, she brought it up and I said “yes, the boys have really been missing them, so they are super excited.” Later that night, THEY all went to a play together.

So comes Friday at 4pm we got a call that they were excited to take the boys to the play because it was so nice the night before. Then we get another call back that one of the girls wants to go again so that they are bringing her also.

I told my Big Guy about it and he got mad and asked “why can’t I spend time with Grandma and Papa? Why do they always have to be there?”  I told him it would be fun.

Once we get to their house, there is a worried look. Then come to find out…my SIL told them to take both of her girls so she could stay with the youngest one.

So, Babe got mad…and asked “why can’t the boys have time with their grandparents without the girls?” Which by the way, one of them is a drama queen and a steamroller. Because they can’t say “no”.

They all go on vacation all of the time without us. Practically, spend the whole summer together. And every other anything together.

Heck, they spend so much time together that when I asked Papa to please watch my little guy for a minute at his own birthday party so I can find a lost wallet, the one girl had a mental breakdown because I took her Papa away from her for what ended up being less than a minute. It was so bad, that I needed to be talked to about being sensitive to her because she freaks out if she doesn’t get her way.

The latest…this past and  upcoming January, they planned vacations around my birthday so that my SIL can run the Disney Marathon. And I have to stay home watching their dog who we cannot bring to the hotel with us to Splash Lagoon because he’s an spoiled crap. So I am stuck at home.

So the fact that when the boys want to spend a couple of hours with their grandparents get intercepted by the other side, it is quite nerve rubbing. It ended up being a huge fight. So the date that my hub and I were supposed to have was completely ruined. We ended up shopping, going home and then picking the kids up. So beyond aggravating.

So what do you think happened? They did not take the boys to the play, because it would have not been fair to the girls. They can watch a play with the girls without even inviting the boys, but cannot see the play with the boys without the girls because it is not fair to the girls…

Yes, this was a rant… I’m sorry…but I’m just tired of dealing with people.


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