Time for Me

We have been so busy! Dinners with Family, parties, movies, festivals, breakfast, lunch with Santa! We actually had a Star Wars Party last night! Not to forget classes… It has been crazy!


That was a the Children’s Museum of Play in Rochester. It has been so many events that we barely have sat down.

I went to my 28 week appointment and I have low blood pressure and was informed that because of all of my contractions I need to sit down. So I am…


The Bills game on…taking it easy. Planning  the rest of the week and finally getting my WP fix. Also, I kind of splurged on myself…


My friend is selling Posh products and with the excuse to help her out, I went nuts. Now I need a basket to put my stuff. A little set back from my Get Rid of It!!! But I will use this stuff.

I am looking forward to pampering myself because it is part of my Happiness Project that I set off to do in the first place. But I have to get back  to planning…so I better sign off. I have a lot to think about.

How are your holidays so far? Are you working on your own happiness? Let me know…

Until Next Time, Lots of Love,


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