Bye Bye Birdie


Yesterday…Little Guy and Daddy went on a special mission to find baby bird a new cage.


They boys named him Pokey last night! Yay!

Well, I wake up this morning, to a text. “Bird died last night.” I find out he’s wrapped up in the back of the freezer for burial later on in our Pet Cemetery where we have 3 bearded dragons and the previous home owners Snake.

I haven’t told the boys, but daddy had told him of the possibility of this. Now we have an empty cage. Which makes me sad because the boys had just asked for parakeets at the pet store. But we explained that we no longer wanted to buy animals because they don’t belong in cages.

We often feel badly for the three bearded dragons we have. Never again will I buy something that is supposed to be free. But knowing my husband, he may fall in love with something and give it to me for Mother’s Day…

I don’t know who is going to feel the worst. My husband who loves all creatures, the boys who wanted a bird, or me who just feel bad for them all.

All in all, I am glad I don’t have something else to take care of and that the poor baby bird is no longer in pain.

How proud I am of my husband though. He truly is one to help others. He has a beautiful heart, unlike anything I have ever seen. And I thank God for putting such a beautiful man in my path to be my husband and father of my children.

What do you love about your significant other?

Lots of Love,



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