Spoke Too Soon!

I said we weren’t going to get any more pets and we warned the boys that the birdie that daddy rescued may pass to live with Jesus.

Still, when they found out, they were so sad that daddy told them, we will get them two little finches. And how the heck am I to argue with that?


Welcome our two newest members of our family. Koo-Koo and Tweety Bird (brown one). The boys are so happy they won’t leave their side.

I gotta say, I love hearing their little chirping. It brings a prettiness into our home that makes you smile. I guess I can see why they say people with pets live longer.

I guess this was a battle worth losing, or maybe I didn’t put up a fight because I am choosing my battles carefully. Also, I can’t bear to see my kids so sad over the dead birdie, may he be resting in peace.

Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,


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