Homeschool Whoa!

I started this journey with doubt and doubters. “You don’t have a degree to teach your kids, leave it to the professionals.” “Your kids will turn out weird.” “How are you going to socialize them?” “They are going to miss other kids.”

I am my kids biggest supporter and their biggest critic. I notice I’m sort of like my mom. I don’t mess around. I get told I’m too tough. But do you think teachers in school are soft? There are rules and if you break them, there are consequences. I’m not a drill sergeant, but I expect respect from my kids and I show them respect as well.

I may not have a Masters in teaching, but I am an expert on my children. I know my child cannot sit down for 20 minutes to sit and listen. He’s not rude, in fact he is the most respectful child that everyone that knows him knows. He just can’t sit. That was my problem in school. I tried and tried to focus, but my mind went blank and I would fidget. But that happened to me once I moved to the states, because before that, I was a high honor roll student. But in Puerto Rico, our education was based on projects, field trips and a lot of hands on experience, unlike here where you have to sit, read, memorize. We did a lot of lessons outside, we didn’t get worksheets, we copied things off a chalkboard.

As far as my boys go, the weirdest thing about them is how they talk about gross things. But from what I hear and see it is a family guy thing, my husband’s family that is. My dad is one serious son of a gun. They love superheros, Indians Jones, Pokémon, climbing, jumping, the ocean. The same things their cousins like.

As far as socializing, my big guy is the most outgoing kid I know. “Hi, want to play together?” He just jumps right in. He also carries conversations with adults very well. People that don’t particularly like children like him. My little guy will not however, talk to adults that he does not know or trust. I find that a good thing though, he’s only 3.

The boys are in Soccer, Gymnastics, Gym & Swim and Hockey. Next month, they’ll be trying basketball…we do field trips with other homeschoolers, and boy do we have a lot of family get-togethers with cousins. So they get socialized.

So far, my 5 year old is at a second grade reading level. Although he had trouble with the numbers11-19, he can count by tens, hundreds and thousands. He can read time. He asks questions about the world, and I find him the answers. We are learning Spanish and Sign Language. It’s not structured, but I follow his interests and he learns better that way.

Being pregnant, and with my crazy exhaustion, has made this quite challenging with all of the driving around, but I get to sleep in the mornings. That is life saving because I’m not a morning person and neither is my Big Guy.

Overall, in three months, my son has learned much more than he would in school. To the point that my sister in law purchased the same reading book I am using since her girls (twins age 5) are still learning sounds and 3 letter words even though they have gone to preschool, and had a summer tutor.

The doubt have left me, and there will always be doubters. But what keeps me going is seeing my children grow, learning at their own pace, exploring their interests and being a part of it. I can’t say it will be the right the decision for us in the future, but right now I am Thankful to have the privilege to be at home with my boys.


11 thoughts on “Homeschool Whoa!

  1. I love this post so much! I am glad that you have them socialized in various activities. I could never pay attention in school either and would end up teaching myself when I got home. I didn’t know you were pregnant and now I am super excited to see posts when baby 3 arrives!


    • Thank you so much! There is a lot of things to do around here. The others moms I have met, do so much more than I do. It’s exhausting hearing what they do. They carry their planners and have it full! You have to plan like 6 months in advanced with them.
      I was advanced in math when I came here and even knew fluent English, but they put me in the lowest classes they could find. I got so discouraged. I don’t want that to happen to my kids.
      I am 30 weeks… It is crazy! It’s so close, I am almost there.

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  2. Loved the post. I had a similar experience with my son and baby daughter. I homeschooled and they did not suffer. They are socially balanced and outgoing. They learned how to learn. My son couldn’t sit still either. I geared their education delivery systems to their interest. For example, my son was and still is interested in theater and film. He learned composition and history by watching plays like “Julius Caesar” and “I, Claudius”. There was much discussion and basis for research. He also honed his artistic observation skills. Keep doing what you are doing. You will be rewarded with “thinkers and dreamers.”


    • I think that if you are not a statue, you have ADHD…heck, is get in trouble if I went into the army… I’d be scratching something, twitching my nose, I don’t know…I’m also a chronic laugher…I tend to crack up laughing in serious situations…soooooo yeah…lol


  3. Absolutely! And they will fully benefit from your every effort! Just got asked last night if I am a certified teacher. I giggle at that and respond academics aren’t the tough part, it’s the self-work rehired to parent full time that is the real effort. And I’ve already seen that every effort has paid back in spades.

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