Rotten Apple

We have always been an non Apple family. Until we had children that is. Everybody raved about how awesome Apple is, the quality, the hassle free nature of it, blah, blah, blah!

When our first son was born… We purchased our 27″ Mac Computer. Why? Because we wanted the best computer to save our baby boy’s photos in! That’s why!

We put that sucker on credit and paid it right off. Something was off with it, but we put it off as us being newbies.

With my second son (two years later), I (who never like to buy expensive stuff) gave in to my irrational crazy self and let my husband buy me an iPad, so that we could sync with  the computer.

Come to find out that there was a recall on our computer and that we were too late, so we had to get a new hard drive out of pocket. We figured that it was why not even the wireless keyboard or mouse would work correctly. And then “CRASH” over 10,000 photos of my kids…gone!!! We take the piece of Caca in, get a corded mouse and keyboard and bring it home hoping that all of the money spent is worth it.

My sweet iPad starts lagging. It literally takes 7 seconds for a letter key to register(I counted)…and it truly makes my eye twitch.

Fast forward to NOW, my iPad is still crazy and my Mac started freezing, delaying, closing windows and making my raging hormones come out. Coffee spilled on the corded keyboard, disabling  buttons m, j, u, and shift. So I figured, I’d whip out the old cordless which come to find out, worked for not even 5 minutes and now will not even connect to the computer.

So I am almost to the point of just throwing it all into the trash.

I think Apple seriously doesn’t like us. Well guess what Apple? We don’t like you either!

So if anyone happens to talk to my husband,  what I really want for Christmas is a laptop with the CD burner in it, that is not Apple. Because I really, really cannot stand dealing with these crappy electronics.

Bye Apple… I’m kicking you out of my life!


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