Okay, well…remember I said I had no Christmas photos? Babe got a few! My hero! And because he took them, I am in them… Proof of my existence! Ha!


My little guy was opening his cutlery set, my big was opening his Ninja Turtle Monopoly board game.


Lobster dinner… I had steak… So I guess it could be sure and turf… This was set on a timer.

Last but not least… Selfie!


I made “ugly” earrings! Just jingle bells on ribbon. I just stuck my ear rings into the ribbon, ta-dahhhhhhhh!

There are a couple more, but they are all similar, so move on to something more interesting! Ha-ha!

Sweet dreams dear reader, I’m getting cross eyed… If you are on the other side… Have a great day. [Come to the dark side!(Darth Vader voice)]


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