“I Love You”

What I call an “I love you” present is when someone gives you a present just because. No special day, no reason other than you want to show someone you love them.

I started this with my in-laws. I’d do things like bring lunch to my father in law at work. Or leave a bag of candy for my mother in law, with her favorite. I also leave notes with a reason why I’m thankful for them.

I do it for Babe and the kids also. I put snacks in his truck… Bring him lunch at work… It’s the little things. I also do it for my friend and other family members. I want people I love to know that I love and appreciate them. It makes me feel good to make them feel good.

About a week ago, my in-laws came over. My yellow gold necklace was broken and they fixed it for me… But there was more…


My father in law bought me a crucifix pregnant! I instantly loved it.  He only buys things once in a blue moon, so when he does, there’s a lot of thought into it and a lot of love. Making it super special!

So I just am still super excited about it! I will treasure this forever!


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