So Much, It’s Nothing

Brain overload.. I have sooo many things to write about, but when I get to the screen…I stare at it wide eyed…uhhhhhhhhhhh….ummmmmm…what did I do today? What day is today? Did I shower? I’m hungry…what am I doing? Screw it! I’m going to bed.

Oooh, I remember something…my Mac crashed and will not turn on what-so-ever! But my iPad on the other hand, started working! I’ve had it for 4 1/2 years and now it works…AHHHHH!!! So, we are a taking a trip to the Rotten Apple store tomorrow to see what they can do about the Mac and I will be going across the hall at the Mall and go to Best Buy and the Microsoft Store to see what they have for laptops.

On other news, I am addicted to the song Lean On by Major Lazer. It makes me miss dancing soooo much. But it really gets my mood levels up.

Speaking of addictions, my addiction to sweets has had me gaining 2lbs a week for 8 weeks! I KNOOOOWWWW!!! It’s crazy! So I decided to put my VivoFit back on and monitor what I am eating.

It has been 3 days, and of course, I do good all day until I meet up with my in-laws. Ha! Cookies? Spanakopita? Yes, Please! “I bought soda just for you.” Can’t say ‘no’ to that. And heck, no one spoils me like my mama in-law. And I love it! Since my parents are not around to love me, I take advantage of all the love I can get from my in-laws. Who else is going to make me a ham and cheese sandwich on toast? It’s the most delicious thing in the world, especially when it’s made with so much LOVE! But I have managed to stop myself from eating a lot of things. On the upside, they are going to Florida for the next 3 weeks so no excuses!

Pregnancy has been sort of different than my other two, besides the fact that I am 180lbs, the biggest I have ever been with 8 weeks to go. I have been having the strangest feelings. Sometimes, I get pressure as if the baby wants to come out. I also get very strong contractions, they stop me in my tracks and I have to breath until they stop. It makes me wonder if this baby will come earlier than 40 weeks. I hope so because my back is not happy.

The question we keep getting everywhere we go is….have you picked a name yet? “No” is our answer, but we have been brainstorming… We are tight lipped about it though, because everyone tends to have a strong opinion on anything we like making it super stressful.

So we have gone through Spanish, Italian, Hebrew names. The only thing we both liked…is very different I think….but it’s not definite… And Babe is wavering about it….But are you ready? You get to hear it first (Deep Breath) Silas Javier…okay, this is weird seeing it in writing. Silas means -“the third” which fits perfectly because he is the third child. Javier…I don’t even know what it means, but I know I have been in love with that name since I was a little girl. Actually, I am in love with Victor Javier…that is my cousins name. And even though he doesn’t like his name, I just adore it. What do you think of Silas Javier? Both boys approve. But that is not saying g much considering that they want to name the baby things like Junco, Aguila and other things they’ve come up with.

My big guy is officially a reader! He can read almost everything! At 5 years old, he can read at second grade level! Can you believe it? Yay! Now, we are working on writing and teen numbers. My big guy can count to 100, by tens and even thousands, but numbers 10-19 just won’t stick…funny huh?

Little guy is so excited about being a big brother that he want to learn everything so he can teach “Baby”.

My mind seriously just went blank. It’s almost like when you put quarters in a ride and once it’s over, you are done!

Going to watch X-Files with my Dude!

Have a great Night friends! Xoxo


4 thoughts on “So Much, It’s Nothing

      • My kids real names are Natalie, Isaac, Elliot and Henry. I just call them different names here for the sake of privacy. I really wanted to name Henry Logan but we decided in the hospital not to. Aidan didn’t like it too much for him. Henry suits him well though, as the other names suit the other kids. šŸ™‚
        It’s hard picking names, for real, but you will both agree on something soon and it will end up being perfect šŸ™‚


      • I like them. I knew about the little guys…but didn’t the big kids name. I like their names. My Big Guy is Frank Henry and Little Guy is Alexander Michael. I guess their name suits them, I can’t imagine them being anything else. Mike wants Paul after his dad, but I really do not like the name, but you are right….we will figure it out.

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