Good Bye Apple

Oooooh, it sounds like another rant, but I promise, it’s not. I woke up with the awful thought that my husband was hurt at work. And literally cried for what seemed like forever from the fear and pain in my heart. Oooooh pregnancy hormones, how not nice are thee.

I cleaned the house which makes me feel better and accomplished, then my sis came for a couple of hours and we chilled and talked which was super nice. I started spelling, writing, Spanish and Sign Language with my boys. And so far…. Super awesome!

I had a container of Trader Joe’s organic Squash soup and I added chicken and rice to make a nice, quick meal for Babe for when he got home. Definitely a keeper!

We went to the Mac Store and gave them our iMac. Good news, we found out what was wrong, bad news… They don’t replace parts on them after 5 years. We spent $3000 because they said it would last a really long time, but no… They literally told us… Sorry… You can buy a new one. I told Babe he can throw it in the trash, buy he said that he may just try to fix it himself, which really, my man is awesome. We went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy where they told us that we can just convert it to a PC!  Which made our day.

And then Babe told me, “pick your laptop Babe, Happy Birthday!” I could have picked ANYTHING I wanted. But I am not really picky, I could have gotten the i7 processor, but chose the i5. It was half the price. Plus, I wanted a DVD/CD burner. So I got an Asus, with 1TB Hard drive, reader/player…With great reviews. I don’t need expensive. I just opened it….


Oooooh, pretty and shiny….


But the battery was dead so I couldn’t use it. So it’s charging… I am super excited though! Now, I for some reason, want to decorate it. I don’t know how, but I am… Yay! Now, I can listen to my relaxation CD while doing lessons or blogging!!! (Raise the roof baby!)  I can do ANYTHING!!!

I am really tired though, so I am going to get some shut eye my friends. I hope the dog let’s me sleep. If there are typos or things that don’t make sense… I apologize.

Anyway, how was your day?


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