Sad Loss

I saw today that another classmate has passed away! Her name is Marlene, I say is because to me, it is very strange to say “was”.  Really, to me, it is so heart breaking because I still see us all as invincible kids. I know it is a crazy way of thinking, but still…it’s just who I am.

No one knows what happened exactly, except close members and they are keeping a tight lip (understandably). All we know that it was in her home in Pennsylvania.

We grew up together…we actually used to even go to church together. Not like we were close, but we had memories. If I had my photo albums here, I would post photos of us in 7th grade. We were goofing around in technology class. I remember Marlene wearing a crop top that day. We tended to wear inappropriate clothes to school back in the day. Trying to be all cool and rebellious.

Anyway, I found out this morning and still, it bothered me all day. I know I didn’t get much sleep for two days, I have pregnancy hormones, that it’s very crappy news and the weather is crappy. But it was in my mind even as I grocery shopped. You know like when your brain is obsessing over something. I just thought about her all day and I was in such an off mood…still am.

She was 33/34…had a child, a husband…Even though death happens every day. When it happens to someone I know…it’s just throws me for a loop as if I were in the twilight zone.

I pray for everyone who is suffering this loss and I hope God brings ease to their hearts. Rest in Peace Marlene, you will never be forgotten.





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