Reading Journey!


This book has taken away the anxiety of teaching my BIG GUY how to read. 100 lessons and BAM! Second grade level reader.

Now, it starts with simple lessons… Instead of learning letters by name, you learn them by sound. Adding letters to create words. Some lessons I feel like they jump a little too fast, but that’s when you just do the lesson over until they get it.


Here is an example of what they do. They use symbols so the children learn the sounds and gradually take the symbols off and the children will eventually just figure it out.

If you look at the top left, there is a sticker. Once a lesson is done, we put a sticker on it. End the lesson with big high five and maybe a dance. “Encouragement is key.” The excitement of them realizing they can read things makes then want to do more.

Although, you must know when your child has had enough or when their brain is just tired. Patience can be hard sometimes. At some points I felt like my big guy was just slacking and I wanted to blow a gasket. When this was the case, we took a day or two off.

We started this journey in September, we ended December 24th. Some days, he did 2-3 lessons, others he would say “apple” when the text said banana. Those days, I took a deep breath and changed the subject. Took the boys to the park for fresh air or watched a movie and talked about it. At some points we took a week off.

We also had a 100 chart that he would put stickers on so he could see his progress. The beauty of Homeschooling is that you can take off of divert your focus and come back with fresh eyes.

It becomes an exciting thing when your child begins to read signs while you drive. You almost want to pat yourself on the back for surviving this far.

Sometimes, it will take 5 minutes per lesson, the average being 15-20, but there are days in the later lessons when in my case, it took an hour. Why? Because sometimes, your kids will push your buttons and there is no way in Haiti that we are going to give in! THAT’S WHY!!!

Then one day you will close the book, and your child will go to his chart and put his last sticker on.


Your child will read and be super proud! And by the way, with the chart my big guy learned to count to 100 and even does it by tens. BONUS!

And then, you will try to use the book on your younger child to find out that he is going to not be as easy as the first.

I like this book though, I recommend it!


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