Just because I talked about slowing my mouth down. My sweet boys suggested that we’d start my birthday with going to Paula’s doughnuts! How can I say “no”? Their enthusiasm makes it the more exciting! But right before we left, my little guy serenaded me by singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” on his new little guitar.

I ordered a bagel with cream cheese, a glazed doughnut which I shared with all of them and a large coffee.


After the sweetness overload, we had to stop at the toy store because the boys had to pick up my birthday present. I couldn’t go in because my little guy said he was getting me a pink Power Ranger and I couldn’t see it because it was a surprise. How I love him! So here I am waiting in the van.


After that, we decided to do on a mission to find a backpack that my laptop would fit in that would also work as a baby bag. We went to Buy Buy Baby, Dicks and Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS). Babe has this obsession with EMS. I don’t like going there because it’s expensive, but I found a bag. It was on sale, the quality is good and its pretty, but not too girly, Actually, I may have to add some girly details to it.


By this point, we got hungry, drove to Texas Road House, but it didn’t open for another hour. So we drove to Outback Steakhouse. I was good…I ordered water, Sirloin steak, with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and a side salad with Vinaigrette. Yay Me! Of course, Babe told the waitress about my birthday and they sang me their birthday song topped with an ice cream sundae. I ate two bites and passed it to the boys. Hooray, for self control!!!

Being absolutely tired, I opted for us to go home. Where I got my card and presents from the boys.


Pink and Yellow Power Rangers!!! I gotta say, I wanted these when I was a kid, so I love them. We played and then I put on Power Rangers on the TV because I was just tired.

After a nice tubby, the boys brought me my ice cream cake and sang me Happy Birthday!


Big guy said he picked it because he’s the penguin, little guy is the polar bear and baby is the snowman. Oh, it was the most delicious cake ever!

After the boys went to bed, babe and I spent some time together, we watched X-Files and I fell asleep on the couch.

I have to say, it was a great day! I am thankful.


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