Down We Go

We got up late this morning, Big Guy around 12pm. Hacking, coughing, groaning and moaning. Both Babe and I were are as sick as can be. I have never been so sick in my whole life. Every time I cough, is almost as if pieces of my soul are coming out. It doesn’t help that I am bleeding out of my throat. Unlike babe, I don’t have a fever.

I went back to bed with my little guy who requested we’d sniggle upstairs, we fell asleep until 5pm. I went downstairs where both Babe and Big Guy were sleeping on the couch. We are all such a mess. Although big guy is a million times better than the rest of us. Neither of us were in any condition to drive, so we skipped Gym/Swim and Hockey.


Here are the boys watching Zorro. Comforters everywhere, cups of water all over the place. Just trying to be as comfortable as we can possibly be. Even as I lay here, I can hear the boys coughing in their room and Babe trying not to cough next to me.

Babe took off of work tomorrow and I am hoping to feel good enough to clean the house because it is driving me crazy! Babe says I am nesting because out of nowhere, I got up and started laundry and cleaned the kitchen. I also have been obsessively trying to find out what I need for Baby.

I don’t have diapers, wipes or socks. Do I need a swing? Do I have enough clothes? I don’t have a hospital bag ready, what do I need in it?  Am I  really going to deliver at this hospital so far away from my boys? No, but really I am going to these appointments because the more I go, the more I know I am not going there. Should I just stay at home? Where do I find a Midwife? Is it too late? Should I do a water birth? Am I ready for this? Why do I feel so unready? We should have just sold our house last fall. I feel like crap, I cannot think anymore.

That is just part of what is in my brain. My smallest guy is going to be 4 in about a week. I don’t remember what it is like to have a little baby around. On top of that, I have the boys birthday party in 5 days, and I have done nothing for it. Thank God it is at the roller skating rink and all I really have to do is bring cake. But even that seems like a  chore and a half. I guess I am just trying to figure out how to do a Power Rangers, Snoopy Star Wars cake.

I do a joined birthday party where I invite the whole family because their birthdays are only a month apart, then on their birthday, we do something they want to do, like go swimming and make the day about them. I figured it’s cheaper than doing two big parties which I don’t want to do. Oh, I don’t know, but I guess for right now, I should just focus in us getting better.

Is anyone else going crazy like me? Please Share.









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