Shaken Up

I am sitting here not knowing what to do. Babe woke me up (I was already awake, really) and told me to call his Dad to pick him up to take him to the hospital, he was having trouble breathing. After no answer, he said, just call an ambulance. I did…

They came, but he was feeling better so he came back inside and had his parents come take him to the hospital.

Now, of course I cannot go back to sleep because I am worried sick about my main squeeze, or should I say my only squeeze. So I am sitting here watching the boys breath. 

My little guy seemed to get another fever last night, and was super upset over his throat hurting. But overall, he’s only coughed a handful of times all night.

Big guy has coughed, but he seemed a lot better…all day long. Took naps, but otherwise normal.

Regardless, I am going to take them to their pediatrician when they open.

I texted his Mom and she wrote:

Taking blood going to get an x-ray and iv because he is dehydrated
He’s  breathing better
I’ll text when we get results

This has me in a little bit of a panic, because, well, he thinks it’s pneumonia and if that is so, then I am totally screwed. Not because he’s sick, but if I have it, they will automatically put me in the ICU until it’s gone due to the pregnancy…and who’s going to take care of the boys and my Babe? Never mind that I hate hospitals, but I mostly hate them because they keep me away from my boys.

So now, I am anxiously waiting, hoping my love is okay. Thinking about what I need to do, what can I do to?

Please…just pray for him because my number one thing is for him to be OK. Even if u don’t believe in God, send positive vibes, thoughts, wish us luck. You don’t have to type it, just wish it with your heart, send prayers with your heart. Everything counts!

Until Next Time…


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