Yesterday my in-laws felt safe enough stopping by. My MIL had bronchitis and didn’t want to cross contaminate. Funny, we ended up watching an episode of the X-Files together. I had no idea that Papa was into it.

We then decided to go to my in-laws for dinner. Yay, getting out of the house! So that was exciting! We went over and had stuffed shells with a salad. WE watched the new X-Files on FOX.

They also have me a birthday present and a souvenir.


I’m not into jewelry, especially big stuff, but I love this bracelet. It reminds me of my mother in law. And I love her, so it’s special. This is for my birthday. And now for a souvenir….


Ta-dahhhhhhhh!!! Isn’t it cute? And what I LOOOOVE about it most of that my father in law loves it! I guess I better brush up on my analog.

I don’t know, I think my in-laws are telling me something. First a necklace, then earrings, then a bracelet and a watch. I guess I need to stop being such a plain Jane. I think my momma is just having fun buying me pretty things.


They also bought ice cream, which I declined, SHOCKER!!! we then watched a new episode of X-Files and the premier of Lucifer on FOX.

Then home we went. And for no reason I woke up at 5 am and have been up since. Looking at nonsense, trying to get sweet child off my ribs. Oooooh and the heartburn. It feels like I’m shooting fire out of my esophagus.

But hey, he will be out soon!!! My still nameless child. Oooooh well.


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