Snoopy Star Wars

After watching the latest Peanuts Movie, I had asked my Munchkin what birthday theme he would like this year. After some thought, he asked; “is there a Snoopy Star Wars?” I told him to hold on and went on my search on Google Images.


When I showed him this, he smiled so big and yelled “YAY!!!”

So, off I went today and I figured, I’d get some Snoopy and some Star Wars Party plates, cups and napkins. Voilà!

Now, I was stumped for the cake. He asked for strawberry cake with green frosting. I didn’t feel like spending $20 on a cake so I opted to make it myself. Besides, I love baking.

So….I started..


Strawberry cake and then made Snoopy with white frosting.


Then, green frosting, outlined with black and added Sprinkles.


I added Star Wars decals from Party City and candles. Wrote his name on the bottom. There is an open spot on the right because tomorrow, I will use a glow stick as a lite saber!

I am very proud of myself for my novice cake! The smile on his face makes it all the more special.

I had a great time making it! I can’t wait for tomorrow! I think the best things come from the heart and I know he will love it!



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