Crazy Much?!?

Why, yes!!!

I have so much to do…
Clean the van
Wash stroller
Put carseat together
Regular life
Fix house to sell

I haven’t even been writing down what I have been doing with the boys for Homeschool. Not that I need to document, but it makes me feel better. I am crazy!!!

Instead, I have been buying stuff that I don’t need, but that I want.  And doing mindless things. Like getting up at 5am to clean and organize my spice rack.


And our new Keurig coffee cups.


We also got the case to put your own coffee, but what fun is it not to try the cups?

But everything just stops, when I hear my Munchkin’s voice.

“Mommy, I need you to come upstairs so I can sniggle with you in your bed.”

And that’s when I drop everything because one day, he’ll stop asking to cuddle with momma. What’s more important the house or the kids?

The kids…


My Love Bug! Xoxo


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