Getting Back to Each Other

Something Babe and I used to love doing was doing puzzles together or alone. In the quiet, we are very good working together, in fact, we are best when we work together.

We met at work actually, worked banquets, he was my trainer. Oh, as soon as I saw that smile I melted. Apparently, he had seen me when I put my application in and asked the manager to hire me and let him train me. First, he saw my butt (such a guy) then I turned around and he saw my eyes. I was voted “nicest eyes” my Senior Year, so I guess I believe him, Ha!

Anyway, right away we became a team. I would polish the silver, while he folded the napkins, we set tables together, he would carry the heavy stuff for me, I would bring him cut limes and lemons if I saw him running low while he bartended.

No one knew we started dating…we never gave a hint. We were equally helpful to everyone else, but we just worked great together. It was probably my favorite time in our relationship.

Anyway, going camping, doing puzzles, playing cards, scrabble… it was nice. Then responsibilities arose, he got his career, we bought a house together (not a good team with that), he proposed, got married six months later on our 5 year anniversary, got pregnant right away (his grandfather knew he didn’t have long to live). And then it just took over.

So, trying to get back to our simpler days, Babe whipped out a puzzle book we bought in 2006 and sent the kids to play.


It was like the old days. We got carried away and did 4. It was nice…and luckily, the boys just played.

I am hoping to figure out how to make more time with my husband since we Homeschool the kids. But I know, we will find a system. I know we will figure it out, because we want to enjoy our lives instead of just going through the motions.

What is something you are going to change to enjoy life?



3 thoughts on “Getting Back to Each Other

  1. Thanks for sharing! Our life is busy too. We have 6 children 10 years old to 7 months old. It is hard but so rewarding. We have a date night every Thursday regardless of what is happening. That helps us connect in all the busyness of life. We have been doing it for 15 years. I plan to find balance with school, homemaking, and blogging (my newest addition). Good job!


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