Get Rid of it!!! Day 305

I could have turned down the free formula from making a baby registry or the doctors office, but I decided to bring it home. Not because I need it,  but to donate it for someone who does.


I also put in coupons I don’t need…hopefully it makes it’s way to a baby in need!


6 thoughts on “Get Rid of it!!! Day 305

  1. This is a great idea!!!! I have a tendency to keep things because I get them for “free” so I almost feel “gifted.” But it really just sits around “just in case” I may need it. But this is a better idea. I will do that next time I get free stuff I don’t really need. Blessings.


    • Thank you! I have been trying to declutter my life, I’m not very organized, have a small house, and am hoping to move. I read a couple of books and they all stated that part of our problem is having too many things. Which thinking about it, it’s so true. Seriously, I can’t even tell you how much stuff I have gotten rid of and donated. It feels so good! Plus, I am glad I don’t have to move it to the new house! I could have had a garage sale and made lots of money, but I’m not that organized.

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      • I totally get it! I try to declutter my house as much as possible. Gets hard with 6 kids around. I think with each pregnancy I go through a “nesting” phase and a “get rid of everything” phase. That keeps us in check…sort of :/ I know we could get rid of a lot more. I am willing. Now we just need the time. So glad to hear decluttering is going well for you. It is such a stress reliever!


      • I cannot imagine, you are a wonder woman because I am barely threading water with my 2. But if you do one thing a day and maybe get your kids to join in the challenge, it can get fun. But it does get addicting. It’s okay to skip days, but you will think about it.. Lol

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