Why Induction?

I went to my OB appointment today and I thought nothing of it. I will be 40 weeks tomorrow, with no complications. I have been telling my husband that I am planning on having this baby at home.

I have been going to an OB to make sure everything is fine. Every appointment though, they have mentioned “we don’t let you go passed 41 weeks” and I have replied with “if there is no problems, you won’t be inducing me” and that is quickly followed by “no later than 42” and we leave it at that for the sake of not arguing.

So I go in today and Doc tells me my baby could be too big without any signs and I am 3cm dialated and should be induced since I’m very “inducesable” right now. My declining began this offensive war, she checked me and was very rough, I could tell I was going to bleed.

She tells me to go get an ultrasound and then we’ll talk induction. I started contracting immediately, but I went to the ultrasound anyway, then she said that my baby weighs less than 7lbs, but that my fluid was low that I needed to be induced. I asked, “what is low?” Doc said “well, 4-5 is low and you are at a 7, so after 40 amniotic fluid gets lower so if you are lower than 7 in three days, we are inducing you. We are going to do a stress test right now and if the baby shows any stress, we are inducing you.

“I am not getting induced.” I say and get the test. While in the room alone, I start to cry from frustration and fear. I am confident everything is fine. My previous babies were perfect. Even when they told me my second one was too big… 9lbs at 39 weeks, I stood my ground, and he was born at 42 weeks 7lbs and 8 ounces of perfect baby. But like the last doc this doc is trying to find things wrong with my baby…WHY?!?

She tells me “I’m just trying to avoid any problems with the baby.” I respond with “I am just trying to avoid unnecessarily being induced.” She then says “I understand, we’ll talk Monday because we can’t let you pass 41 weeks.” I shut my mouth and head to the check out desk. They give me a sheet with an appointment they scheduled for me. I just took it and left.

I came home and I was bleeding…my whole (sorry TMI) mucus plug came out and cramps are pulling my back apart. I took a tub and am trying to relax. Really, I am so angry, I am trying not to think about rearranging doc’s face.

I am thinking of cancelling my Monday appointment and just dropping them on principle. There is no reason to give me a hard time. But now I feel like total poo.

I missed my boys last basketball game and I am truly upset about it. Tomorrow we are supposed to go see Sesame Street. I am hoping that Baby can relax and wait till after Sesame Street.

I knew obviously that there was a possibility of missing these things, but it’s one thing for it to happen on its own and another for it to happen because a Doctor thinks they can control you. (Sigh) that is one of the MANY reasons why I don’t trust doctors in America. Because they can be selfish idiots and lie to you to get you to do what they want.


4 thoughts on “Why Induction?

  1. Jahaira, I have been thinking of you so much!!! How are you? I can relate to this induction story. I was in the same boat. I had a midwife and even though they are more hands off, they still wanted to induce me at 40 weeks because I was over 35 and high risk because of my age. I told them I did not want to. Then they said we can do 41 weeks as long as I came in every day to check my fluid. I can understand your fear because I felt that same fear. I have never been induced. All my 5 previous kids came when they were ready. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to bless to not be induced. I ended up going into labor 1 day before the scheduled induction date. I was so thankful. I can’t wait to hear from you and to hear about your birth story. Blessings.

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