Lego Madness

Grandma has been buying the boys little Lego sets. And Doodle has been getting so good with them that we have gotten them a couple of them ourselves and built them together. My goodness, they are expensive… But anyway, it makes him use his brain and focus.

Today, Daddy went into the Attic and took the box of tiny Lego’s out and we all sat down for a couple of hours of entertainment… Check out our creations.


Of course, Daddy is just AMAZING!!!


Doodle made a cool ramp that when you open the door starts the light for a fun dance party.


I just made this state of the art pick up hotel.

Munchkin just played around with whatever he got his hands on. Oh, and another piece of art by Daddy.


Elevator contraption...

After all of that fun, we read a book and off to bed. I have to say, I’m quite exhausted tonight. Hoping for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep well my friends…


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