Labor & Delivery

I bent over to pick up something, and when I got up, my water broke. I didn’t know it was my water but for the rest of the day, I kept “going” to the bathroom.

Bedtime came and my Munchkin wanted to Snuggle tight, but when he got close to me, I started to get contractions. So, I went downstairs to sleep on the couch where I could be more comfortable.

I woke up at 8am after a great night of sleep, but when I got up…there was a splash. I called my in-laws to please pick up the boys. I was really set on staying at home, but my little guy was not moving as much as he usually does, I also felt off, so I got nervous and headed to the hospital.

I got there at 10am…I ate a granola bar because I wasn’t in the mood to eat. Still 3cm, same as I’ve been for 2 weeks. A whole lot of nothing happened. I got an IV because I felt dehydrated and sat there with Babe just talking. Then around 3:30, contractions came out of nowhere, strong and really close.

I did all of my breathing while sitting in an exercise ball and leaning on Babe. All of a sudden, it felt like my tailbone was being ripped apart. They checked me and I was 7cm. And then, I folded!!!

I asked for the epidural. I could hear the nurses talking about my contractions coming too fast. At this point Babe told me to hold on to him. I started to cry, but I held on tight.

The nurse checks me again and I was 9cm. It wasn’t even 2 minutes, but then no matter how much I breathed, it felt worst and the doctors told me I need to push… That it was the only way it would get better. I’d take a deep breath, I pushed, letting the air out, but nothing was happening. Doctor told me that I should then try to hold my breath while pushing. So I did, and it was then that he started to come down.

I remember my tailbone being pushed out, and she said that I needed to push through the burn. I didn’t feel any burns, just Edward Scissorhands trying to exit me hands first.

Anyway, he finally showed up.

When they put him on my chest, I almost was clueless. “What is that that you are putting on me?” I was tired and glad the pain was over. Until they massaged my belly.

I held him deliriously while Babe kissed me and talked to his new son. 7lbs 11oz, 20½”. Babe said to me, “whatever name you want, anything… You get to pick.”

“Silas Javier” and just like that, baby got his name.

He was healthy and we got to go home the next day.

Overall, my experience was positive because I didn’t get any interventions and I get to say that I did it without drugs! Woooohoooo! I’m a tough cookie.

He was a healthy baby boy! We’ve been home enjoying each other. Babe has been able to stay with me.

I was having severe pain due to my pelvis and hip, but thank God for my Chiropractor! Love Her! Because of her I am able to walk.

I did take off of WP, I’ve been in a coma even though my sweet boy is a great sleeper. But I think I am back… I think…






9 thoughts on “Labor & Delivery

  1. Awwwww, so adorable….Congratulations!! I had my last without any drugs, and I think I recovered much quicker, even though I was much older. Blessings to you and your family and your new bundle of joy!!


    • Thank you very much! You are right about the recording time, but I must say, it was way more painful than what I thought. Kudos to all mamas because every one way has its challenges. Blessings to you as well!

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