Love Dare

I have been choosing sleep instead of blogging. By the time night time comes, I am cross-eyed. But no matter how much sleep I get, 8…10…I still am exhausted.

My boys are super helpful, but I forget that they are still babies and that they are more than I ever deserve. So, when they get rowdie, I am inpatient. I don’t give them the attention they deserve, and when they give me their ideas, I am nowhere near as encouraging as I should be.

So, there is change that I want to make, that I need to make. Make myself conscious of the way I react to every situation, so I can be more patient, more encouraging and give my boys the attention they deserve.

Babe came across a book… The Love Dare for Parents by Stephen and Alex Kendricks.

It has 40 love dares that are supposed help you better yourself as a parent. You start by taking a test at It scores you based on your answers and gives you pointers as to what dares will help you with said category.


As you can see, I have work to do. And of course… My lowest score is on patience and gentleness. Although, I feel that I tend to be tough on the boys because I know they can do better, I need to learn when I’m being too tough.

So, 40 challenges, here we come… Feel free to join me, I Dare You…


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