Love is Patient

The book says to write, “love is patient” and put it somewhere you can see it everyday. I decided to put it on the bathroom mirror, not only can I see it first thing in the morning, but so my husband can too.

I have a million memories where I was not patient. When they will not eat, make huge messes, refuse to pick up, ignore me… The list goes on.

Today, I did good, raised my voice only once. I tell my boys not to play with the door all

of the time

, that they may get their fingers pinched. So, right before bed, my Middle guy slams the door on Big Guys fingers. I was able to realize that I had raised my voice, so I toned it down, took a deep breath and took a quick walk to cool down.

I think this has been a good day…

Take a deep breath, walk around, to karate chop to the air in the silliest way to diffuse your time bomb and remember….

Love is Patient…


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