Different Kind of Tired

I am tired, but not like I have been at home. This is a different kind of tired. It’s a “I’ve had fun” tired. Usually, I am just stressed tired.

We got up this morning had coffee on a small patio facing the ocean. Guess who turned 2 months today?


We had breakfast and headed to church… We walked there and we were late, but it we made it.

We then went to the beach where the kids played, while i read two chapters of a book my sister in law gave me.


We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the house into the pool.

We went to Enchiladas, where I had a jalapeño margarita, guacamole and all of the kids’ leftovers… Then, we can’t home and are watching Wall-E with two of my boys .wo




Life is good!


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